About Me


In 2008, Aziz Başan moved to Bodrum, Turkey, where he studied life drawing and later Basic Arts and continues to study composition.

Aziz’s oil and acrylic works have appeared frequently in group exhibitions held in Bodrum, where he has also held solo exhibitions. After joining lebriz.com he had a solo exhibition in Istanbul and continues to exhibit on their online portal, the latest of which was held June 2021. More recently he has exhibited in three group exhibitions in Bodrum.

In 2019, his work was accepted for exhibition at RE:ARTISTE’s 5th Annual International Exhibition “Show Your World” in New York.

Aziz’s interest in art stems from his studies of sumi-e in Japan during his early teens. He continued to work with brush and India ink throughout university and into his working life in the UK where the Berlin-born artist settled in 1962.

A software engineer, he ran his own consultancy in Istanbul after which he returned to establish a woodland farm in Scotland in 1997. Whilst there he acquired a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh in 2003.

Routledge published his book, “The Great Seljuqs – A History”, in 2010.

Artist's Statement

My paintings are like a film or a book whose content you cannot correctly recall yet whose feeling you distinctly remember. This is true for all the themes around which my work revolves.

My abstract work is rather like that of a jazz musician who picks the same tune each night but plays it differently.

I use characters from Turkish puppet theater in my figurative works, as well as referring to historical events because even if we aren’t direct participants they affect our lives.

I work in oils, acrylic, gouache, ink and with photographs. I might do a rough sketch but prefer to go directly to the medium of my choice to work out my ideas. For me creating is an interactive process; the marks I make feed back. I sit and look at what I’m doing rather than impose preset ideas.

When it feels right, that’s it

Online Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Hakan Aykan Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi, Bodrum Dear Giorgio and Others September 2016

2016 Osmanlı Tersanesi, Bodrum Views from My Country June 2016

2018 Galeri ART212, Istanbul

Group Exhibitions

2021 Mausolos Art Gallery, Bodrum, New Year’s Group Exhibition 2021 December

2021 Zeynep Art Gallery, Bodrum, Autumn Group Exhibition 2021 Octobver/November

2021 Zeynep Art Gallery, Bodrum, Group Exhibition for Bushfire Victims September 2021

2016 RE:ARTISTE’in 5th Annual International Exhibition “Show Your World” New York

2016 Zeynep Sanat Galerisi, Bodrum Bodrum Sanat Pazarı December 2016

2016 Zeynep Sanat Galerisi, Bodrum I. Bodrum Art Cup Show November 2016

2016 Zeynep Sanat Galerisi, Bodrum Ali Atmaca, Yavuz Tanyeli, Bedia Dipşo, Volkan Çoşkun, vs. August 2016

2016 Zeynep Sanat Galerisi, Bodrum Ali Atmaca, Yavuz Tanyeli, Bedia Dipşo, Volkan Çoşkun, Rıfat Koçak, vs. February 2016

2015 Zeynep Sanat Galerisi, Bodrum Opening Exhibition Ali Atmaca, Volkan Çoşkun, Ali Koçak, Rıfat Koçak, vs. December 2015